Installation Energy and Water

Energy enables Army operations at installations across the world. However, as constraints and threats to the energy supply grow in scope and complexity, supplying energy to support Installations’ missions has become increasingly dynamic and challenging. As stated in the National Defense Strategy, the homeland is no longer a sanctuary. Access to a reliable supply of energy and water will be challenged at every opportunity, across multiple domains, by multiple actors, simultaneously.

The Army is prioritizing energy and water resilience at installations. Changes to the nature of warfare mean the Army must be prepared to fight to perform basic functions at its installations in order to generate readiness and project power. A service outage of several hours in the right place at the wrong time can be devastating. The Army’s Installation Energy Program aims to maintain a 14-day supply of water and energy to support the execution of critical missions at Army installations. We are working to implement culture change, improve energy efficiency, and develop large and small-scale energy projects across our portfolio.

Updated as of October 29, 2018