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About Us

The Vision of the OEI is to secure Army installations with energy that is resilient, affordable, and sustainable. The Mission of the OEI is to strengthen Army energy security and sustainability by developing a comprehensive capability, and planning and executing a cost-effective portfolio of large-scale renewable and alternative energy projects that leverage private sector financing.

The OEI uses its dedicated technical, business, and acquisition resources to streamline the process of renewable and alternative energy project development and execution. The OEI's central role in this process ensures consistent and efficient evaluation of projects across the Army enterprise, and allows the Army to quickly establish policies and guidance to support development strategies.

The OEI uses multiple acquisition partners to execute large-scale renewable and alternative energy projects, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Defense Logistics Agency, the General Services Administration, Mission and Installation Contracting Command, and other organizations.

Renewable and alternative energy produced on or near Army installations increases energy security by enabling new, on-site generation, and by developing "islandable" capabilities that include on-site generation, energy storage, and energy controls. These islandable capabilities can enable the direct routing of electricity to essential requirements in the event of a grid disruption or other power emergencies. OEI projects also contribute to the Army’s mandate to consume 25 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025, enacted by the 2007 National Defense Authorization Act.

Updated as of August 18, 2017