Mr. Jordan Gillis

Mr. Jordan Gillis

Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy & Environment)

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  • Strategic Direction, Goals, and Objectives

    Strategic Direction

    The Army safety and occupational health vision and mission directly support the Army vision and mission.

    • Army vision: A more relevant and ready campaign-quality Army with a joint and expeditionary mindset
    • Army safety and occupational health vision: A culture where safety and occupational health and risk management are enablers of Army relevance, readiness, and quality of life
    • Army mission: To provide necessary forces and capabilities to the Combatant Commanders in support of the National Security and Defense Strategies
    • Army safety and occupational health mission: Improve operational and workplace safety and health to preserve warfighting capability, maximize readiness, morale, and well-being, promote risk management as a life skill, and minimize injury and illness of Army personnel and loss of equipment

    Goals and Objectives

    Goals and objectives provide key direction to the Army safety and occupational health program. The Army is operating under three levels of mutually-supportive safety and occupational health goals and objectives: those assigned by the President of the United States in the Safety, Health, and Return to Employment initiative; those of the Secretary of Defense; and those assigned by the Army Leadership.