Army 3Rs (Recognize, Retreat, Report) Explosives Safety Education Program






The Army developed the 3Rs program in 2000 and has continuously improved it. Army, working with risk communicators, educators, explosives safety experts and parents selected 3Rs to be easily understood and remembered by children and adults.

Message appropriate for use both on and off installations have been used in campaigns to recover war souvenirs from veterans and returning soldiers. Many materials are available in Spanish as well as English.

Program Benefits

  • Benefits of the 3Rs program include: Development of a consistent message within DoD.
  • Elimination of duplicative efforts, preserving limited resources for other uses.
  • Ability to provide 3Rs educational materials targeting specific groups or general population rapidly.
  • Review of injuries and fatalities resulting from munitions encounters indicate that, in all cases, the munitions had been moved, handled or disturbed in some manner. The 3Rs are meant to counter the impulse to move, handle or disturb munitions.