Recovered Chemical Warfare Material Program (RCWM-P)


RCWM-P addresses munitions with an unknown fill and Chemical Warfare Material (CWM) that are not addressed (demilitarized) as part of DOD's CWM stockpile. Military munitions addressed under the RCWM-P includes munitions encountered in the public domain, expended during live-fire training or testing, or disposed of by burial at known or suspected munitions response sites (CWM sites) or other locations (e.g., operational ranges). RCWM-P also addresses chemical agent identification sets but not sea-disposed CWM. Sea-disposed CWM is handled separately.

Program Oversight

Program oversight for DOD's RCWM has been delegated to the Assistant Secretary of the Army (ASA -IE&E). The RCWM Program is and will continue to be funded by the Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP) (funds munitions response actions), with assessments and destruction, among other things (e.g., maintenance or crews and equipment), funded by DOD's Chemical Agents and Munitions Destruction, Defense (CAMD,D). The ODASA (ESOH) is working with OSD and USAMC's CMA to finalize DOD's plans for implementation of the RCWM Response Program.

Program Activities

The majority of RCWM sites are on Army Active installations, Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) sites, and Formally Used Defense Sites (FUDS).