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The Army's Energy and Sustainability program promotes energy and water resilience in support of the Army's priorities; readiness, modernization, reform, and lethality.

The National Defense Strategy states, "The homeland is no longer a sanctuary." Access to a reliable supply of energy and water will be challenged at every opportunity, across multiple domains, and by multiple actors simultaneously. As potential vulnerabilities emerge in the interdependent electric power grids, natural gas pipelines, and water resources, ensuring reliable sources of energy and water has become increasingly dynamic and challenging. To meet this challenge, the Army is heavily focused on resilience, in addition to cost avoidance, sustainability, and efficiency.

The Army proactively seeks and develops energy resilience projects to include onsite generation, storage, and controls. This focus will enable critical missions in the event of a grid disruption or other power emergency.

Energy and water resilience is essential to the Army's operational and installation readiness, as it safeguards operational energy performance, advances warfighting capabilities, and provides increased mobility, greater freedom of action, and thus adds lethality.

Energy and water resilience enables Army readiness.

Installation Energy and Water
Army installations are critical to mission readiness. Because our installations require secure access to energy and water to accomplish its missions, we are reducing energy and water consumption and seeking initiatives / projects to bolster Army readiness while improving security and resilience.

Office of Energy Initiatives
The Office of Energy Initiatives serves as the central management office for development, implementation and oversight of privately financed, large-scale energy projects. These projects enhance our resilience by providing diversified energy sources.

Operational Energy
Operational energy is the energy and associated systems, information, and processes required to train, move and sustain forces and systems for military operations. It provides advantages in the form of extended range and endurance, flexibility and resilience, enhanced mobility and freedom of action.

We adopt sustainability strategies to optimize the Army enterprise and enable mission performance in the changing global environment. By implementing sustainability practices, we decrease mission vulnerabilities, increase operational flexibility and resilience, and enhance surrounding communities and the environment.

Energy Action Month
The Army observes Energy Action Month each year in October. Last year's theme "Energy Resilience Enables Army Readiness" highlights the importance of our collective efforts to achieve Energy Security and Resilience throughout the Army.

Policies and References
Learn more about the policies guiding our work towards a more sustainable future.

Updated as of January 2020