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Army Energy Leadership

About Us

The Vision of the OEI is to secure Army installations with energy that is clean, reliable and affordable. The Army OEI Mission is to strengthen Army energy security and sustainability by developing a comprehensive capability, and planning and executing a cost-effective portfolio of large-scale renewable energy projects that leverage private sector financing.

The OEI's dedicated technical, business and acquisition resources are being used to implement a streamlined process for renewable energy project development and execution. The OEI's central role ensures that projects can be evaluated consistently and efficiently across the Army enterprise, and that policies and guidance are quickly established to support development strategies.

The OEI leverages multiple acquisition approaches and partners to execute its projects, which include the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Defense Logistics Agency, General Services Administration, and other organizations. Renewable energy produced on Army installations increases energy security, enhances mission effectiveness and provides a means to temper rising energy costs.

The OEI is helping the Army meet its commitment to the President of deploying one gigawatt of renewable energy by 2025. The OEI also contributes to achieving mandates identified in Congress' 2007 National Defense Authorization Act for the Army to consume 25% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

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OEI Renewable Energy Programs

The OEI utilizes a streamlined project assessment and validation process based on major risk assessment factors.

OEI Guidance

Renewable Energy Service Agreement (RESA) Performance Work Statement (PWS) template

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Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) Policy

Energy Goal Attainment Responsibility Policy for Installations

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Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) Policy

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