Water rights, water security and the value of water are all topics being addressed through DASA E&S. Water is a critical resource that will continue to be stressed as population grows and climate change alters the distribution and availability of water supplies. In order to protect the water sources essential to its installations, DASA E&S is supporting multiple efforts to ensure the sustainable use of water. This includes studies on water markets and various methods for quantifying the value of water. DASA E&S has successfully incorporated water concerns into the Army Campaign Plan. Recent assessments examined the role of water in the supply chain, raising awareness that water sustainability reaches far beyond the borders of installations. DASA E&S has also developed and updated policy on water rights at installations. This policy seeks to ensure water rights are investigated and any risks to these rights addressed in a proactive fashion.

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World Water Day 2018 Dual Signed Agreement

SA Signed Army Water Rights Directive 12 May 2014

Updated as of October 29, 2018