Regional Environmental & Energy Office - Western

Regional Environmental & Energy Office - Western
Mark Mahoney, Director
Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army
Installations, Energy and Environment
US Custom House, 721 19th St.,
4th Floor, Rm. 427
Denver, CO 80202-2500
Office Phone: (303) 844-0950
Fax: (303) 844-0951


The U.S. Army Regional Environmental and Energy Offices (REEOs) monitor state legislative and regulatory actions. If a proposed state action has critical mission impact, conflicts with a federal requirement, and/or causes a disproportionate effect on the Army or DoD, REEOs coordinate with the potentially affected installations, commands, and/or other military Services to further assess the potential impact. If action is needed on a proposed measure, REEOs work with Army or Service regulatory experts to communicate DA/DoD position. Comments are combined from all parties in a single DoD/Army package and formally submitted to the state.

The monthly Regional Reviews of Legislative and Regulatory Actions for the REEOs provide current information regarding environmental and energy-related actions and events throughout respective Federal EPA Regions. Events reported may be relevant to U.S. Army and other Military Services' activities and operations. The Reviews are designed to alert environmental decision makers, planners and program managers of developments potentially relevant to their overall responsibilities.

The Review of can be part of an installation's procedures to satisfy Section 4.3.2 (legal and other requirements) of ISO 14001. Information in the Review is intended for general guidance, and the reader should refer to cited source documents for more detailed information to determine applicability and scope of referenced legislation and regulations.

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