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Rocky Mountain Arsenal Land Transfer Ceremony

On April 17, 2004, Mr. Geoffrey Prosch, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations & Environment), and Ms. Gale Norton, Secretary of Interior, attended a ceremony at Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA), near Denver, Colorado, to mark the occasion of the transfer of almost 5,000 acres of RMA land to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USF&WS).

This transfer was the first such official property transfer for the establishment of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge pursuant to the 1992 Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Act. Eventually, once cleanup activity is complete (currently scheduled for FY 2011), approximately 15,000 acres will have been transferred to the USF&WS for the creation of the urban wildlife refuge. To facilitate this initial 5,000-acre transfer, the Environmental Protection Agency Region 8 Administrator approved the deletion of over 5,000 acres of the southern portion and perimeter of RMA from EPA's National Priorities List.

RMA currently comprises 17,000 acres. Additional RMA land is scheduled to be given to local governments for the expansion of roads and to be sold to Commerce City, CO. The U.S. Army will retain fewer than 1,000 acres for long-term remedy operations.