Occupational and Environmental Health

Occupational and Environmental Health (OEH) provides support and assistance to the DASA-ESOH with strategic goals, objectives, & guidance, program & budgetary recommendations, and policy development for the Army’s OEH enterprise. In partnership with the Office of the Surgeon General, Medical Command, the Defense Health Agency, and the Army Public Health Center, provides oversight, management, and coordination of OEH programs and services, ensuring that Soldiers, workers, and family members work and live in a safe and healthy environment.  The DASA-ESOH serves as the Department of the Army's primary point of contact with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Congress, other Federal agencies, for the Army OEH Program.

OEH - Includes Occupational Health, Hearing Health, Industrial Hygiene, and Environmental Health.  OEH Enterprise programs and services: Assess workplace and environmental health hazards and risks; survey health and illness in employee population; track employee occupational exposures to physical, chemical, and physical stresses (vibration, noise, and radiation, etc.); develop preventive measures to reduce toxic and radiological exposures and health risks; recommend prevention measures; train/educate commanders, supervisors and employees to avoid risks and health risks; collect and disseminate occupational illness surveillance data; investigate exposures to blood or other potentially infectious materials; ensure new materials and weapon systems are safe for warfighter use; provide medical support to chemical, biological and nuclear surety programs; safety program support; and conduct epidemiological studies in occupational diseases.  Provide toxicological evaluation, data, and assessment of new substances proposed for military use. Provide technical and professional consultative support and assistance to activities responsible for identifying, evaluating, monitoring, and correcting health hazards. Includes resources associated with the operation of separately organized occupational health clinics providing medical care to DoD civilian employees.