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Offering a number of public involvement guides, methods, and tools demonstrating the variety of approaches available and provides a menu of options.
Basic and advanced public involvement training. Available training opportunities and resources.
Organizations and links that can provide help or additional information or resources for supporting public involvement.
Organizations and links that can provide help or additional information or resources for supporting public involvement.
Reference materials provide a variety of information useful in public involvement.
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About This Site

"The sustainable futures of our installations and our communities are inextricably connected... The public has a collaborative stake in our decisions and we value their involvement as partners in sustainability and environmental stewardship."


"We will strengthen and build new community partnerships to achieve sustained and sound environmental stewardship through Communication, Coordination, Consultation, and Collaboration."

(Excerpts from the Army Strategy for the Environment 2004)



"We have a rich opportunity before us to change the way the Army communicates... A culture of insular communications must be replaced by a culture of active engagement."


Brig. Gen. Vincent Brooks, Chief of Public Affairs, U.S. Army


Welcome to the U.S. Army Public Involvement Toolbox, a Web site of practical tools, methods, examples and information related to public involvement (specifically environmental public involvement), in support of the mission of the U.S. Army.


Intent - The primary purpose of the Web site is to provide Army, Army civilian staff, and Army contractors engaged in public involvement with functional, proven techniques and information. This Web site is publicly accessible and is intended to share the Army’s commitment and approaches for public involvement with all its stakeholders.


Background - This Web site was developed collaboratively by a consortium of Army personnel from a number of Army organizations engaged in public involvement. This toolbox was developed to assist Army organizations in meeting the goals of the Army Strategy for the Environment. However, the tools and techniques included here are applicable and adaptable to the full range of Army activities within the United States and worldwide where meaningful interaction with the public is necessary and encouraged.


Scope - This site is intended to be one source of information. There are other excellent sources of public involvement information within the federal government and by other organizations. Links and references to other public involvement resources are provided throughout this Web site. The tools and techniques contained within this site are presented in a manner that allows Army personnel to easily find information on public involvement and develop plans and programs that meet their local needs and issues.


We welcome your feedback on our Web site. We strive to continually make this a useful resource to you. We especially welcome information about other public involvement resources your organization may wish to share. Click on "Contact Us" in the left menu bar to send us an email.



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