Mr. Jordan Gillis

Mr. Jordan Gillis

Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy & Environment)

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  • Regional Environmental & Energy Office News

    • Learning to Navigate Learning to Navigate the Legislative Maze through Fellowships (PDF)

      Fellowships give REEO staff valuable insight into the legislative process.

    • Power of Partnering Tiered Partnering a Powerful Tool in Southeast (PDF)

      The U.S. Army Regional Environmental and Energy Office – Southern (REEO-S) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) co-hosted the Region 4 Tier III Partnership meeting August 6, 2013 in Atlanta, GA.

    • Water Management Water Managment Issue Paper (PDF)

      Sustainable water management is a shared challenge of diverse stakeholders often with competing requirements.

    • SENRLG Federal Agency Leaders Discuss Environmental Stewardship July 2013 (PDF, 20MB)

      Article on page A3, By Adriane Miller

      Executives from federal agencies with natural resources missions visited Fort Benning to discuss best practices in environmental management and stewardship in the Southeast.

    • REEO S SALCC Article Landscape-Based Conservation in the Southeast April 2013, By Marshall Williams, REEO-S

      Formation and development of shared landscape-level conservation goals and strategies that are based upon a shared scientific understanding of the landscape, to include implications of current and future environmental stressors, are fundamental to the success of LCCs.

    • Natural Selections Newsletter Thumbnail Natural Selections Newsletter Spring 2013 (PDF)

      Prescribed Fire Strategy for the Southeast, The Work of Many Partners
      Article on page 7, by Rebecca Shanks, U.S. Army Regional Environmental and Energy Office – Southern (REEO-S)

      Through the Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS), representatives from the Department of Defense (DoD), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Forest Service (USFS), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), state agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions have collaborated to develop a comprehensive, regional strategy for prescribed burning.

    • Partnerships with Power March 2013 Partnerships with Power March 2013 (PDF)

      The Army's Regional Environmental and Energy Offices (REEOs) participate in partnerships established with states and other government agencies in an effort to solve common problems, save money and ultimately, advance the military mission. Across the regions, partnerships have proven to be valuable for Department of Defense (DoD) installations and states. Here's a look at the power of partnerships across the regions.