Recent Guidance

Army Installation Energy and Water Strategic Plan (Dec 2020): This plan sets a vision where Army installation energy and water infrastructure supporting critical missions in the Strategic Support Area is resilient, efficient, and affordable. It establishes goals, strategic objectives, and targets to further efforts to build longterm resilience, efficiency, and affordability.

Army Climate Resilience Handbook (Aug 2020): This handbook provides Army installation planners with a clear methodology for using authoritative climate data to inform planning processes. It can also serve as a desktop reference to guide installation climate-informed resilience decisions.

Installation Energy and Water Resilience Policy (Army Directive 2020-03) (31 Mar 2020): This directive establishes energy and water resilience requirements for Army installations in support of the 2018 National Defense Strategy and Army Vision. To reduce mission risk, the Army will prioritize providing resilient energy and water supplies, facilities, and infrastructure that support critical missions. The Army will reduce risk to all other missions when it is life-cycle cost-effective.

Updated as of June 2021