Mr. Jack Surash

Mr. Jack Surash

Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy & Environment)

Ms. Carla Coulson

Ms. Carla Coulson

Acting PDASA for ASA (IE&E)

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Housing & Partnerships)

Amy L Borman

Ms. Amy Borman

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army(Environment, Safety and Occupational Health)

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  • Army Safety and Occupational Health Career Program (CP-12)

    The goal of the Army Safety and Occupational Health Career Program (CP-12) is to develop a professional group of Department of the Army civilians whose focus is to assist commanders and directors to protect the force through risk management to enhance mission accomplishment. To do this, there must be a group of professionals who at the appropriate locations, assist commanders and staffs in protecting assets and supporting Army force protection requirements.

    Effective civilian Safety and Occupational Health Management professionals are critical to ensuring the Army's readiness through protection of Army personnel, facilities, and materiel, and compliance with safety and occupational health statutes. The CP-12 was established to meet that requirement. The initial Safety Training, Education, and Development System (SAFTEDS) plan was developed in 1989 and published in 1991.

    Management Structure and Responsibilities

    Safety Management Plan (DOC)

    Master Intern Training Plan (DOC)

    Master Training Plan (DOC)

    CP12 Questions/Comments