US/German Data Exchange Agreement for Environmental Technology

Environmental stewardship is a vital component of the military mission of both the US and Germany. The US/German Data Exchange Agreement (DEA) for Environmental Technology provides a framework for the exchange of data on environmental research and technologies to address common environmental challenges to the military missions of both countries.

Through the DEA, representatives from all three US military components and the German BWB and Ministry of Defense meet to share information, to evaluate the successes and lessons learned from the environmental technologies currently being demonstrated, and to consider new and innovative technologies for future demonstration projects. They search for opportunities that will match needs, expertise and resources where technical resources can be maximized, to resolve high-priority environmental requirements. Establishing a proven methodology to achieve reproducible results for future technology demonstration projects is a key goal of the US/German DEA.

Recent Success

  • Successfully implemented a DEA Annex 1520 (Soil)-sponsored project to remediate metals-contaminated soils using electrokinetic (EK) treatment at a NATO training range in Germany using expertise provided by USACE (ERDC).

Heavy-metals contamination is a problem at US and German military sites. While EK technology has been employed in the US for a number of years, the refinement of the technology through this DEA-sponsored demonstration project could result in improved environmental cleanup strategies both in the US and abroad. The EK project clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of hands-on sharing of expertise and resources to achieve a common purpose: solving a real-world, environmental problem associated with military operations.

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