Army Environmental Quality Technology

The Army Environmental Quality Technology (EQT) program addresses the Army's highest-priority environmental technology needs through a centralized "top-down" leadership oversight of "bottom-up"-driven environmental quality technology requirements. An innovative approach to program management and oversight for environmental quality research, development, test and evaluation, the EQT Program Oversight Process affords senior Army leadership the ability to set priorities for needs, focus resources, and ensure cost-efficient investments for technology maturation, transfer, insertion and capitalization.

The net result produces a virtual toolbox of innovative technologies to address high-priority environmental quality research and development needs while reducing total ownership costs, enhancing mission readiness and fulfilling the Army's environmental stewardship goals and responsibilities.

Recent Successes

  • Since 1997, the program has focused $261M for technologies that - once developed and fielded - have the potential to avoid $13B in operating costs. The five most mature programs are:
  • EQT process and success receives endorsement from the Secretary of the Army and senior leadership for the past 4 consecutive years (Sec Army's most recent endorsement). (PDF)
  • Of great importance to executing the Army Environmental Quality Technology Program is the leveraging of resources to support Army high-priority environmental technology needs.

The Army is committed to being a leader in environmental stewardship for its installations, facilities, training areas and weapon systems. It will continue to use resources wisely to meet military and civil responsibilities without compromising its role as a steward of the environment. Technology can help the army meet these responsibilities by improving its ability to conserve natural resources, reduce operating and restoration costs for environmental quality and apply its field systems with reduced environmental consequences.