Technology & International

The Technology Directorate assists the DASA-ESOH on policy, programming and oversight for Army and DoD environmental technology needs. The Office of Technology identifies, promotes and facilitates the implementation of environmental technology solutions that reduce costs, accelerate land use best practices and foster more efficient environmental stewardship, allowing DoD to focus more of its resources on defense. The Directorate oversees several DoD Executive Agencies and DoD and Army programs.

Technology works to:

  • Oversee policy, program management and execution for Army and DoD environmental technology programs.
  • Facilitate technology transfer and technology insertion through field-based acquisition and adoption of new environmental technologies.
  • Serve as the Army Secretariat lead for DoD and Army environmental technology forums.
  • Manage information technology platforms that facilitate corporate reporting, data collection, collaboration, technology dissemination and exchange of ESOH program information.
  • Inform Congress of Army environmental technology priority needs, prepare Congressional testimony for Environmental Quality Technology, Pollution Prevention, and environmental program activities, and act as advisor to Department leadership on Congressional matters.

In addition, the Directorate provides oversight of the following DoD Executive Agencies: