October is National Energy Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness of the critical role energy resilience plays in mission readiness and to drive behavior change. This year’s theme, “Energy Resilience Gives Us the Power to Win” reinforces the importance of the Army having a resilient and secure installation energy and water posture at its installations and enduring locations overseas to enable Warfighters to accomplish their mission. The Army is working to modernize and reform energy and water programs, focusing on resilience, efficiency, and affordability.

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“Energy Resilience Enables Army Readiness” was the Army’s 2019 October Energy Action Month theme. The Army is enhancing readiness by strengthening the capabilities of the current force; modernizing our installations and operational energy programs to build a more lethal force, and reforming business processes to maintain effective warfighting operations.

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Army Energy and Water Security Memo

The Army observes Energy Action Month each year in October. This year's theme "Energy Resilience Enables Army Readiness" highlights the importance of our collective efforts to achieve Energy Security and Resilience throughout the Army.

Secure and reliable access to energy in our operational missions and on our installations is essential to ensuring that the Total Army is ready to deploy, fight and win across the entire spectrum of conflict. Enhanced capabilities and warfighting operations based on concepts like Multi-Domain Operations (land, sea, air, space and cyberspace) require secure and reliable access to energy to achieve the levels of mobility and lethality required by the Army's operational forces.

The Army continues to increase operational effectiveness, range, lethality, and readiness by reducing the dependency on energy. Improving the resilience of the energy supply chain and wisely using energy every day throughout the year ensures that we remain Army Strong!

Updated as of October 2020